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Monkees Web Page Links

Place a link to the Monkees Home Page on your web page! This is easy to do and will show you are a big Monkees fan! To add a link to our Monkees Home page from your page, add this one line to your HTML web page code:

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" alt="Monkees Home Page" border=0></A>

It will look like this: Monkees Home Page

This is a link with David Jones' Picture. To add some variety, we also have buttons available with the other members pictures.

Monkees Home Page In the above code, replace "best1" with best2" to get a Michael Nesmith button like this one.

Replace "best1" with best3" to get a Micky Dolenz button like this: Monkees Home Page

Monkees Home Page Replace "best1" with best4" to get a Peter Tork button like this.

Thanks for supporting The Monkees!

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