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Monkees Alert Newsletter

The Monkees-Alert Newsletter is the most popular mailing list about the Monkees on the Internet! Why? Because Monkees fans are the best, and each of the members of this list lets us all know when Micky, Davy, Peter or Mike are spotted on TV, concert announcements or any other important news about The Monkees.

I encourage everyone to join this list and announce it anywhere you can, web pages, newsletters, anywhere because the number of members can get large and there will still only be 3-4 messages per day. News alerts are sent to the moderator of the mailing list, the news is then reviewed and sent to the entire list. Only appropriate news items will be sent to the list. We want to get news of Monkee related events to as many fans as possible!

The following types of information will be posted to this news list:

We will not be posting surveys, campaigns, or web page changes not directly requested by or related to members of The Monkees. These are listed on in the "new" section.

The Monkees-Alert Newsletter is designed for high numbers of recipients (in the thousands) and an average of no more than 3 messages per day. The list is moderated for content by our administration staff. It cannot be posted to directly by list users. A Digest option exists on the list as well. This option changes the maximum daily messages to one per day.

To subscribe - send a blank e-mail message to:

To unsubscribe - send a blank e-mail message to:

to send us news, send it to:

You can also sign up for the list and search past messages at this web page form:

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